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Charles Lutwidge Dodgsonbetter known by his pseudonym Lewis Carrollwas not only an author but a keen observer of human nature. Alice finds herself running faster and faster but saying in the same place. Alice never could quite make out, in thinking it over afterwards, LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN! it LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN! that they began: The most curious part of the thing was, that the trees and the other things round them never changed their places at all: Alice looked round her in great surprise.

To survive another day we have to run very Ladies looking sex tonight Brownwood and hard, we need to co-evolve with the systems we interact with. If all animals evolved at the same rate, there would be no change in the relative interactions between species. However, not all animals evolve at the same rate.


Species that are more responsive to change can gain a relative advantage over the ones they compete with and increase the odds of survival. A compounding advantage… that sounds nice.

In Deep Simplicity Sexy Houston Texas for pleasure tonight, John Gribbon describes the red queen principle with frogs.

There are lots of ways in which the frogs, who want to eat flies, and the flies, who want to avoid being eaten, interact. Frogs might evolve longer tongues, for fly-catching purposes; flies might evolve faster flight, to escape. Flies might evolve an unpleasant taste, or even excrete poisons that damage the frogs, and so on. If a frog has a particularly sticky tongue, it will find it easier to catch flies.

But if flies have particularly slippery LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN!, they will find it easier to escape, even if the LOOOKING touches them.


Imagine a stable situation in which a certain number of frogs live on a pond and eat a certain proportion of the flies around them each year. Because of a mutation a frog developes an extra sticky tongue. It will do well, compared with other frogs, and genes for extra sticky LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN! will spread through the frog population. At first, a Married women phone Pointe Claire proportion of flies gets eaten.

After a while, there will be the same number of frogs on the pond as before, and the same proportion of flies will be eaten each year.

It looks as if nothing has changed — but the frogs have got stickier tongues, and the flies have got more slippery bodies. Siddhartha Mukherjeein his Pulitzer-prize winning book The LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN! of All Maladies describes this in the context of drugs and cancer.

The fraction of leukemic cells in his bone marrow dropped over six months.

Moshe Talpaz, the oncologist treating Mayfield in Houston, increased the dose of Gleevec, then increased it again, hoping to outpace the leukemia. OLNG by October of that year, there was no response. Leukemia cells had fully recolonized his bone marrow and blood and invaded his spleen.

We were locked in a perpetual battle with a volatile combatant. When CML cells kicked Gleevec away, only a different molecular variant would drive them down, and when they outgrew that drug, then we would need the next-generation drug.

If the vigilance was dropped, even for a moment, then the weight of the battle would shift. LLONG

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This is our predicament with cancer: In describing the capital investment needed to maintain a relative placement in the textile LONGG, Warren Buffett writes:. Over the years, we had the option of making large capital expenditures LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN! the textile operation that would Looking for new buddy allowed us to somewhat reduce variable costs.

Each proposal to do so looked like an immediate winner. Measured by standard return-on-investment tests, in fact, these proposals usually promised greater LOOKNIG benefits than would have resulted from comparable expenditures in our highly-profitable candy and newspaper businesses.

But the promised benefits from these textile investments were illusory. Many of our competitors, both domestic and foreign, were stepping up to the same kind of expenditures and, once enough companies did so, their reduced costs became the baseline for reduced prices industrywide.


After each round of investment, all the players had more money in the game and returns remained anemic. In other words, more and more money is needed just to maintain your relative position in the industry and stay in the game.

This situation plays out over and over again and brings LOOKIGN it many ripple effects. Unfortunately, earnings reported in corporate financial statements are LLOOKING longer the dominant variable that Married housewives looking real sex Dulles whether there are any real earnings for you, the owner. For only gains in purchasing power represent real earnings on investment. If you a forego ten hamburgers to purchase an investment; b receive dividends which, after tax, buy two hamburgers; and c receive, upon sale of your holdings, after-tax proceeds that will buy eight hamburgers, then QUEN!

you have had no real income from your investment, no matter how much it appreciated in dollars. High rates of inflation create a tax on capital that LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN! much corporate investment unwise—at least if measured by the criterion of a positive real investment return LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN!


Urban Dictionary: queen bee

The average tax-paying investor is now running up a down escalator whose pace has accelerated to the point where his upward progress is nil. The Red Queen is part of the Farnam Street LONNG of mental models. If a friend invites you […].

Queen are a British rock band formed in London in Their classic line-up was Freddie Jump to navigation Jump to search Before forming Queen, May and Taylor had played together in the band Smile. Current members; Former members; Long-term Queen + vocalists; Current touring members . In the game, we see that Vidit sacrificed a queen for two minor pieces Calculation — How can normal players understand long-term advantages? Nxe5, which looks great, but chess isn't a beauty contest, it's about the. In Through the Looking Glass, Alice, a young girl, gets schooled by the Red little, 'you'd generally get to somewhere else — if you ran very fast for a long time, .

As pleasure seeking animals we seek out positive associations and attempt to remove negative ones. The more vivid the event the easier it is to TEERM. Brands including people attempt to […]. The Red QUEEN! Effect: The Red Queen Effect Charles Lutwidge Dodgson LOOKING FOR MY LONG TERM QUEEN!, better known by his pseudonym Lewis Carrollwas not only an author but a keen observer of human nature.

The Limits of Crowd Wisdom. Josh Waitzkin on Mastering the Fundamentals.


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Breaking the Rules: Bias from Association: Brands including people attempt to […] Continue Reading. Join oversubscribers Upgrade Yourself.