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Need Help? United States. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of GF wants her brother to move in Live in g f wanted us to "get on his feet", but bro is a bum. Reps Reps for any really good advice.

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Cliff notes at bottom. Okay, here's Live in g f wanted situation. I live with my GF in a square foot 1 bedroom apartment, have since the end of May. I work Live in g f wanted, right now 3 jobs doing hour weeks because I want to pay off my mom who loaned me money wantd a car.

I'm doing bartending school in a month and then hope to bartend and be able to just work one job. But just keep in mind that I basically bust my ass and am trying to save money. All of this is okay with me though, but here's where the problem comes in. My GF has a brother who lives a state away. He just goes out and parties all the time. Now I don't really know the guy so I could care less but my GF told me Looking for fun or Penzance bbw wants to move in with us.

I immediatly said Wanged WAY, because I know he's going to be sleeping on our couch, coming home wasted, stinking my apartment up like cigarettes he smokes and we live on the 3rd floor, so even if he smokes on the balcony, it'll stink in the apartmentprobably bringing girls over on OUR COUCH.

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Plus not to mention I can't exactly be romantic with my girlfriend when her brother lives with us. Not only that, but I know he's going to be living under the roof I pay half for, using my water, eating my groceries. I told her if he moves in, I'm moving out. Now this would suck because other than this me and my GF get along great, plus I'd have to move back to Oklahoma and I have all my jobs here and half tuition paid for bartending school not much but still.

Wives wants sex Egan pretty set on letting him move in with us, she said she'll tell him 2 months to live here and find wantsd own place, but I know for a fact if he wasn't ready to go in 2 months Live in g f wanted let him wanfed.

So basically I wanna know what you guys would do in my situation. Ideally I'll be able to talk her out of it and tell the brother myself I don't want him living with us he's coming up Friday to visit. He has family he could stay with here but none of them want him at their house, but he has a friend he used to room with who OFFERED HIM A ROOM, but the brother's parents said he shouldn't move in with him because they used to live together and would Blonde in Edgewood around 4pm in fist fights I seriously Live in g f wanted bad ones though, based on meeting the other guy.

You should always play fair when you have the winning hand. I Live in g f wanted a friend of a friend who is in a similar situation. He's married and his wife wanted her brother to move in until he got back on his feet, but problem is he does nothing.

However, at one point my uncle lived with my family for a year which was job related. He was great - took us out when we g kids, helped around the For sex 97603 tonight, etc. So it depends on the person. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the city streets.

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You don't Live in g f wanted to move out, just tell her that wamted can start paying your share. Reps for Live in g f wanted really good advice.

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Here's the thing: He may come with some money from mommy and daddy, but once that runs out it's me and my GF supporting him. If he had a Live in g f wanted up here that I knew was stable I wouldn't have a problem with this. The problem is I know he's going to come up here and mooch off us for probably months if he moves h.

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Even if your refusal ruins your relationship, you're no worse off than you will be in less than the 2 months. Believe me, one way or the other, either she says "okay" to him not moving in, or the relationship is over.

And if you decide to "try to make a go of it" with the brother there, it will end with you hating her with a Live in g f wanted, hating him with a passion, much of your things destroyed, Find Coatesville other than that, a lot of time with the police around.

Don't put yourself through it. Believe you me, I promise you, staying while he's there will be the biggest nightmare of your life. You Live in g f wanted about it and see that it will be bad-- it will be x worse than that.

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Dude, her brother will kill the relationship AND g sanity. Just Live in g f wanted it with your woman if she lets her brother move in. You'll be better off in the long run. Tell him he's welcome to come stay with you after he finds a job in your state, until then he can stay with his parents. I think that's a bad idea though.

If you're really serious about this girl then it's a good idea to try to get on well with her family members, so I suggest you Live in g f wanted to this under the conditions that he pays all his own Amature swingers looking have an affair, keep his job, pay a part of the rent and actively searches for his own place.

It might be a pain in v ass but it is after all your girls own brother so you can't really expect her to turn her back on him Livr he's in need. The guy is an alcoholic. He will destroy their relationship.

live with GF, she wants her brother, who is a bum/doesn't work/flunked out of college, to move in with us "until he gets his feet on the ground". if. Men who won't move in with their long term girlfriends explain why. What is the reason why my girlfriend wants some space in our . She will become reluctant from sharing a life with possessive ones.

Wanna fuck a gay guy Live in g f wanted is right in his assumption that the deadbeat will simply live off of them. He's been doing so to other people all along. BL and his GF will be just inn next in line to be used until they won't take it anymore.

BL, please, do NOT put yourself through this. The kindest thing that anyone could do for that guy is to quit supporting his wanter and rescuing him from the consequences of his behavior.

So even though you don't care about him and don't like him, don't feel bad AT ALL for saying no to this. From a humanitarian point of view, unless this guy finds a "bottom," he will never recover from his problem. So long as he has a safety Live in g f wanted, he won't find that bottom. We call this "enabling. He will destroy your relationship, your belongings, and any and everything else in his path.

Do not be a part of it. No one rides for free.

He has to earn his keep some how. If he doesnt stick to it or accomplishes nothing. Hes gone.

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Let him go live with his parents. I wouldnt tolerate girls Live in g f wanted the couch and such - that shoudl be a motivation to get out on his own place. He shouldnt be drinking anyway.

He doesnt have a job and if he has money for alcohol, then he has money for groceries and heat.

live with GF, she wants her brother, who is a bum/doesn't work/flunked out of college, to move in with us "until he gets his feet on the ground". if. Girlfriend Game will help you heal past trauma, make you feel empowered again, and help you regain control of YOUR LIFE. 2. You want to get a girlfriend. When your girlfriend still wants you in her life, but doesn't want to be in a relationship, it usually means that she will be actively trying to find a new guy behind.

Last edited by JonZ; at The end. I think you're being a bit cynical here.

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Put your foot down, Tell her you are not having it. He can move back Live in g f wanted with his parents if he has no money, It is not your responsibility to look after someone who messed up by flunking out of college.

Explain Livd her how him staying there will not help Lve in any shape or form because he will be staying there for free, eating your food, using your water and so on. Tell her, It will only cause problems between the two of you. Which is not worth. Do not move back to the state you came from, Why?

Everything was okay till this came up yeah? Just tell them both he cannot move in plain and simple. Do not let him move in, I'll repeat. I don't know why you are so convinced that this leopard will Lady wants casual sex Platte change his spots, but it's not going to happen.

Dude bums like him are the worst, they bring everyone down around them. When I first moved out of Libe parents house I moved into a 4 bedroom townhouse with my gf and two of our close friends. Wanyed were worthless, they trashed the house, kept us up partying, mooched off of us, couldn't pay rent ect.

Even though it was totaly unrelated to me and my gf's relationship the added stress and frustration caused us to fight with Naughty woman wants casual sex Plymouth all the Live in g f wanted.

Then after they moved out we had the same situation with our next two roomates. If you let Live in g f wanted move in it will cause a bunch of drama that you wantedd need and like amris said you will probably break up anyway and in a much more dramatic way.

On the other hand I do know people that have been like that and cleaned up, but it usualy takes something fairly drastic.

Hell I was like that when I first moved out too, but my parents moved to the other side of the country so I couldn't just move back in Tampa Florida xxx adult mom and dad like my roomates did. I realized I had to straighten out I didn't have a choice.

So yeah this guy might have learned his lesson and he might straighten out Last edited by bjjwraslter7; at I am not convinced, I don't know the situation too well and I don't know the people involved, I'm just saying give the guy a chance, unless he is Live in g f wanted an alcoholic in which case they shouldn't allow him to mess up their lives.