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About Our Crates and Craftsmen

Our Personalized Apple Crates and Memory Boxes – Crafted Gifts for Every Occasion


Our personalized wooden apple crates re-create the traditional apple crate --or bushel box -- of yesteryear but are made from high quality, sustainable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified pine treated for outdoor use with the option to be personalized with the wording of your choice. Our Memory Boxes, with solid side panels and a hinged roof to allow safe storage of treasured memories, are also FSC certified and of extremely high quality.

Printed, Assembled, Painted and Shipped with Care by Vermont Craftsmen



All our Crates and Memory Boxes are printed, hand-assembled and painted by our talented crew of Vermont craftsmen. Every crate and box you purchase and give from enjoys careful attention and a commitment to craftsmanship.


The Perfect Gift… AND the Perfectly Artful Solution for Household Storage


While our Crates and Memory Boxes are a truly remarkable gift – perfect for celebrating almost any occasion – they are also incredibly functionally and can be used to artfully and efficiently store various household items. From art supplies to music and media to kindling and hearth supplies, nothing “hides the mess” and adds a touch of personalized flair to your home like a Personalized Crate or Memory Box!



Options and Accessories Ensure a Truly Tailored Crate or Memory Box

 Today you can order a Personalized Crate in one of four sizes – Large, Medium, Small and Windowbox. You can get your Crate or Memory Box in one of four tasteful and popular colors – Rustic Pine, Antique Oak, Ivory and Coastal Mist.

Many items are available with a set of four casters, for easy placement anywhere in your home. Our Planting Crates and Planting Kits include options such as flower and herb seeds, amaryllis bulbs, planting liners and soil to ensure successful germination. In every case we’ve partnered with the very best in the business, from American Meadows ( for high-quality seeds to Gardener’s Supply ( for the very best soil mixes and perfect-fit planting liners.


Best of All – EVERY Crate and Memory Box is Personalized



Each of our Personalized Crates can be personalized with up to two lines and sixty characters of your choosing. Our customized product page lets you type in the messaging you want, and preview exactly how your Personalized Crate will look after we custom print it for you or your gift recipient. Memory Boxes include tailored graphics and up to three lines of personalization, and are truly a “Keepsake for Keepsakes” you will enjoy for years and years.




A Short History of the Apple Crate or Bushel Box 

Also known as bushel boxes, fruit-growing farms used these original wooden apple crates when harvesting their apples, pears and plums. Air could circulate through the slats of wood, keeping the fruit in the best possible condition. The wood crates were sometimes reinforced with wire as once loaded with fruit and stacked on top of each other, they were very heavy. 

Farms invariably had their names printed on the wooden apple crates as well as charging 5 shillings for them which was refundable upon return. By identifying the crates and charging, this helped to ensure their safe return. 

Some wooden crates date back to the 1930s and such originals are in great demand, although becoming more scarce to track down. is proud to be a part of this heritage, providing our customers with a high-quality, eco-friendly and personalized version of the old apple crate!